Business Services

We are committed to the success of our clients. For that reason we offer a wide array of services designed to assist the business owner in leading the business enterprise. Financial reporting, consulting and tax issues are ever-changing and require the prudent business owner to have every tool available to maximize the efforts of the company. It is for these reasons that we offer:

Financial Statement Preparation — We stand ready to provide your business with a compilation or a review. Each level of service is designed to meet specific needs of an organization, its shareholders, and its lenders.

Tax Consulting and Preparation — Whether you are a sole proprietor, or have an interest in a partnership, limited liability or corporation, we will work with you to assist you in minimizing your federal, state and local tax obligations. As we see it, to overpay your taxes is “simply unpatriotic”!

Audit Representation — We represent clients who have been informed that their tax returns are being subjected to further inquiries or to an audit by either the Internal Revenue Service or a state taxing authority. We provide the experience in dealing with these governmental inquiries, and often have the government do the auditing in our offices, rather than have your business operations disrupted as a result of the governmental inquiry.

Loan Application Assistance — We partner with you as you seek business financing. This can take a variety of forms including financial statement preparation, loan applications, cash flow analyses, or other means recommended or required by lending institutions.

Payroll — Whether it is writing the weekly payroll checks for your team of employees or issuing quarterly reports and yearend W-2s, we stand ready to making this process one that is seamless and efficient. To maintain confidentiality and reduce staff administrative time, many enterprises prefer to outsource their payroll function, including the preparation of quarterly and annual payroll related forms. We can also assist in the annual worker’s compensation audit.

Technology — We strive to remain on the cutting edge of technology. We assist clients in a variety of ways ranging from online payment of payroll taxes to electronic filing of tax returns. We can also provide input to clients who are making hardware and software decisions.

Retirement Planning — We are pleased to assist you in determining the most advantageous product to meet your individual and company needs. Whether it be a Roth IRA, a Simplified Employer Plan (SEP) or a Solo-401(k), we stand ready to maximize tax savings and tax deferral in a way that meets your objectives for saving for retirement.

General Questions — We encourage our clients to call us when they consider major decisions or purchases. We seek to establish and maintain open lines of communication, so that together we can seek to minimize your tax liability, assist you in being more profitable and operate your business more efficiently.

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